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Simple & effective
Content Production

Choose the type of video you are looking for, and Perpetua will find the best fit in its 100,000+ Creator network
All content will be approved by you before it is posted.

Optimize User Generated Content (UGC)

Discover organically

Perpetua makes it easy to find content organically posted about your brand, facilitating the process to purchase rights to the content or to run ads by leveraging it as creative.

Measure Impact

Attribute performance to creators

Through a connection with Amazon and Walmart, sales purchased through social links can be attributed back to campaigns automatically

Full-funnel engagement

Drive awareness and engagement with your brand by tapping into active communities of passionate potential customers. Push these audiences further down the funnel so that they consider you the next time they're shopping.

Find influencers that fit your brand’s goals

"Perpetua has made it easy to connect with a variety of influencers, who fit our brand, all in one place. With Perpetua, we have access to support and guidance that is tailored to our specific needs."

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Alyssa Haddad-Chin
Digital Coordinator @ Bob Mackie Design Group

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